Get clear feedback on your messaging

Profile Audit

Have a profile on a tutoring directory that just isn’t getting you traction? Or not sure how to even get started writing one?

Writing a strong profile for tutoring directory sites can be tricky. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing entirely on yourself and your qualifications. Students aren’t interested in YOU. They are interested in what you can do for THEM.

I’m happy to review your profile (or your draft-in-progress) to provide you with actionable feedback that will help you appeal to more students.

Ad or Flyer Review

We’re tutors, not professional marketers. Writing ads or putting together effective flyers can be tricky to get right.

Whether you are posting your ads on Facebook, in a local newsletter, on Craigslist, or simply on a flyer to post around town, it’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes on it.

I’ll look over your ad and provide detailed, clear feedback on both your wording and your images so that you can get your ad noticed.

Website Audit

Congrats on taking the big step of creating a website for your tutoring business!

Now it’s time to make sure your website is user-friendly and captures the attention of students who land on it.

A website audit walks through the key pages of your site, detailing suggestions for strengthening your wording, sprucing up your visuals, and clarifying anything your potential students may find confusing.

Profile/Ad/Website Audit Features

Analysis on Video

Your audit will be recorded as a video so that you can see exactly what I am referring to each step of the way. Watch the video as often as you need to take action on all of the suggestions.


Clear Action Steps

No wishy washy generalisms here. I’ll give you precise feedback with clear steps you can take to fix any problems. Whether we’re talking typos or a more major rewrite, you’ll come away knowing exactly what you can do.

Easy Return on Investment

Even if you just find ONE new student as a result of the audit, this modest investment into your business will pay itself back many times over.


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