One-on-One Coaching for Tutors

Are you looking for individualized support getting your tutoring business started or taking it to the next stage?

No cookie-cutter advice here. One of my strongest beliefs as a tutor is in customization, and that extends to coaching other tutors as well. We’ll start by taking a close look at what you are doing currently so that we devise a plan that works for your vision of your business.

This may involve:

  • Deciding what to tutor, in what format, and at what rates
  • Developing new marketing strategies to bring in new students
  • Setting up profiles on tutoring boards, as well as your own website
  • Streamlining processes in your tutoring business so that you come across as professional without taking too much of your time
  • Identifying beliefs and mindsets that may be holding you back as a tutor
  • Planning and executing ways to expand your tutoring business beyond 1:1 work with student
  • Creating a financial plan and budget for your business

How it works

We’ll meet together online on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, which gives you plenty of time to implement the steps we discuss in our meeting.

While you’ll receive clear action steps in each call, I suggest working together for at least three months to see the most progress from our efforts.

What you can expect from me:

  • Two 60-minute Zoom calls per month
  • Clear action steps and goals at the end of each session
  • Weekly reminders and check-ins for accountability

    Your commitment:

    • Financial commitment of $250/month
    • 3 month commitment (because true, sustainable change takes time)
    • Show up ready for self-reflection and open to change

    My commitment:

    • I am committed to the idea that business coaching should have a strong return on investment.
    • I cannot execute plans for you, but I can promise to show up fully to make sure that you have all of the tools necessary to make enough progress in your business to compensate for the monetary expense of coaching.
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    Coaching packages

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